We at Captive 3D understand the importance of keeping accurate records of our World's historical buildings and sites. 3D laser scanning can greatly increase the detail and accuracy of the information preserved and mitigate risks associated with traditional methods.

          Our form of documentation is non-contact and capable of long ranges, allowing for otherwise dangerous or hard to reach details to be acquired.

The main benefits we bring are;

  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Millions of data points captured.
  • Georeferenced xyz and colour information for every point.
  • HD HDR photo overlays
  • Detailed orthophotos
  • Watertight meshing & 3D Models
  • Non-contact, reducing risk of damage
  • Excitement for these projects and tailored deliverables.

From documenting ruins, a facade, or a building up for demolition, we can help. Please feel free to contact us with any project inquiries.

Our Deliverables

  • Registered Point Clouds

High density 3D data tailored for your application. Delivered in various file formats (.XYZ, .RCP, .E57, etc) and used for analysis, visualization, and CAD modeling.

  • 3D Models & Scan-To-BIM

We can create precise 3D Revit models from our point clouds and offer scan-to-BIM services.

  • 2D Plans, Elevations, Sectionals, & Orthophotos

We can provide detailed 2D CAD drawings and coloured orthophotos, ideal for historical documentation.

  • Topographical & Geospatial Information

 This data can be easily obtained and extracted with great precision. We offer many delivery options such as Contours, Heat Maps, & Deformation Monitoring.