Application & Benefits

3D laser scanning is the fastest and most effective way of acquiring as built conditions. The advantages of having complete and accurate as built references are immense. From pre-project planning to CAD modeling, the applications are endless.

Our typical applications are;

  • Production of 2D drawings & 3D CAD models
  • BOMA Area Plans
  • QA/QC Monitoring & Fabrication Verification
  • Clash Detection for new and proposed installations
  • Deformation Monitoring
  • Non-Contact Floor/Slab Flatness & Levelness
  • Documenting precise location and layout of to be covered or buried utilities & building infrastructure.

Our Deliverables

  • Registered Point Clouds

High density 3D data tailored for your application. Delivered in various file formats (.XYZ, .RCP, .E57, etc) and used for analysis, visualization, and CAD modeling.

  • 3D Models & Scan-To-BIM

We can create precise 3D Revit models from our point clouds and offer scan-to-BIM services.

  • 2D Plans, Elevations, Sectionals, & Orthophotos

We can provide detailed 2D CAD drawings and coloured orthophotos, ideal for as built documentation.

  • Topographical & Geospatial Information

This data can be easily obtained and extracted with great precision. We offer many delivery options such as Contours, Heat Maps, & Flatness/Levelness Reports (ASTM E1155).