3D laser scanning is the most effective way of capturing highly detailed spatial information. The technology is non-contact and capable of long ranges, allowing for safe operation in virtually all environments.

              We are capable of capturing any sized site or structure no matter the complexity, bringing reality into a digital environment. Once the data has been acquired the applications are endless.

Some benefits & applications are;

  • Millions of data points captured.
  • HD HDR Photo Overlays
  • Georeferenced XYZ Coordinates 
  • 3D Visualization
  • As Built Documentation & Modeling
  • Historic & Heritage Preservation / Conservation
  • 3D Site Mapping & Geospatial Information 
  • Add Value, Reduce Costs, and Save Time

              3D scanning captures the whole environment “as is” without bias and with unprecedented accuracy. This greatly mitigates risk of human error and eliminates the need to return to site for missed measurements or details.

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