About Captive 3D

We are a unique company specializing in the use of 3D laser scanning technology. Operating in Ottawa Ontario, we also travel across Canada and the World. We are passion driven and strive for excellence in everything we do.

We can fully capture any site in high detail and accuracy, creating a digital copy of as-is conditions. With our scan data we can provide several deliverables: registered point clouds (which can be imported into most CAD software for modeling and analysis, or used standalone to acquire site measurements), as-built documentation & drawings, scan-to-BIM services, and geospatial/topographical information like floor flatness/levelness surveys.

LiDAR based 3D scanning and surveying is the most effective way for acquiring highly detailed spatial information. By integrating the use of point clouds into traditional workflows, we have saved our clients substantial time and costs.

We work closely with our Clients, understanding their specific needs and forming tailored solutions. The security and confidentiality of our client’s data is of our highest priority.

Travel Ready - We deploy the most powerful mobile workstations.

Insured - We carry full commercial & professional liability insurance.

Our Deliverables

  • Registered Point Clouds

High density 3D data tailored for your application. Delivered in various file formats (.XYZ, .RCP, .E57, etc) and used for analysis, visualization, and CAD modeling.

  • 3D Models & Scan-To-BIM

We can create precise 3D Revit models from our point clouds and offer scan-to-BIM services.

  • Topographical & Geospatial Information

This data can be easily obtained and extracted with great precision. We offer many delivery options such as Contours, Heat Maps, Deformation Monitoring, & ASTM E1155 Reports.

  • 2D Plans, Elevations, Sectionals, & Orthophotos

We can provide detailed 2D CAD drawings and coloured orthophotos, ideal for as built and historical documentation.